Below is the financial report of incomes and expenses related to DNSCrypt Poland:

  • Overall balance is that all donations covered 100% of the running cost and then some; we’re secured until May 2017 without a need for a dime, a nickel or satoshi!
  • It encompasses Q1 of 2017 + one late but very important data point from late Dec’16 which was not included in the Financial Report 2016, because it’s been written in Nov’16.
  • Digital Ocean credit ran out – if you’re considering a hosting provider I recommend* Digital Ocean. They’re good, hassle-free, I don’t ever log in for anything.
    * ref link, opens in new tab.
  • Big thanks to anonymous donations to e24cloud credit and EUR donations.
  • No cash or physical goods hand outs so far :-)
  • And most importantly: Thank you to all users, everybody who contacts me and everybody who donated!
PLN Donations0
e24cloud hosting (credit)300Thank you!
EUR Donations7317 EUR which with ~4,3 EURPLN gives ~73 PLN
Income Sub Total373
e24cloud credit (credit spent)-300See the note about e24cloud credit above
e24cloud hosting-132Personally covered
Digital Ocean Hosting-20One month since original credit ran out
Expenses Sub Total-452
Grand Total-79