Here’s a summary of the features:


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    how far is the planning regarding Resolver #2?
    What are the expected costs?

  2. Maciej Soltysiak

    I wanted Resolver #2 to be built using an automated script that I’d write and publish for others to re-use. I’ve portions of that script developed, but not there yet. Unfortunately I’m not progressing on this quickly because of private matters. I know there are a few people interested in it. It is quite possible that I ditch this and try to use docker instead, though. Not sure at this moment.

    Would be great to have this done before Christmas!

    On the cost side, I’m expecting the incremental cost to be around 25 EUR / month.


    The Docker image by Frank is very easy to use, a DNSCrypt resolver out-of-the box. Give it a try.

  4. jason

    Hi, when will be ready the second resolver?
    I use Simple DNSCrypt last version and from the list there is only one Soltysiak.

    Thank you ;)

  5. Maciej Soltysiak

    Thanks for your interest! The 2nd resolver work is paused until I get my “internal batteries” recharged. Sorry for that. I have a server running, but the software is not fully installed as I want to do a couple of things better, including newer unbound which would my patch I sent a while go.

    I’m not sure yet if the new server will be a 2nd soltysiak or I will introduce DNSCrypt Poland #1 and #2. Time will tell.

  6. A.

    Dobra robota. Dziekuje.


  7. TZIMI

    COULD YOU send any blueprint about how to setup a dnscrypt server please, I will donate next month same money, because right now I AM unemployed, in my budget is limited thank very much for the great work YOU ARE DOING FOR FREE!!

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