UPDATE (22-OCT-2014 01:42 CET, 00:42 UTC): The maintenance at the hosting company is over. Amazingly this did nota ffect us in any way. The RAM upgrade has been done 10 minutes before the outageIn case of issues write to support@dnscrypt.pl or tweet at @dnscryptpl

Planned Outage

Our hosting provider (e24cloud.com) notified us that they will be doing maintenance which will affect the availability of our underlying storage:

  • Start: 22-MAR-2015, 00:30 CET (+01:00 UTC)
  • Finish: 22-MAR-2015, 01:30 CET (+01:00 UTC)

Although this does not affect the DNSCrypt VM guest itself I doubt we will be able to function for long without storage during that time. If this timing will affect you, please switch to another DNSCrypt provider ahead of 22-MAR-2015 for continuity. If not, you can sleep calmly.

RAM Upgrade

Since there has been an increase in load and this means outage anyway, I’m going to take this opportunity and double the RAM on the server to maintain more records in the DNS Cache, have higher hit ratios and provide a better service. This will increase the running cost, but it’s all for you. If you appreciate it and want to chip in, please donate!

I will be informing on progress on all above on twitter, so please check there: @dnscryptpl