When in October 2013 I setup the DNSCrypt server so that I could make my home router use it, I only planned it for myself. It wasn’t long till I was making contact with some good people in the DNS community. One of them was Simon Clausen, who is running a very similar, public service called DNSCrypt.eu. That inspired me make my service a public one and that’s how dc1.soltysiak.com was born.

A lot has happened during the year. I made good contacts, learned a lot, kept myself informed, contributed to other projects like Unbound, libsodium, DNSChain, etc. One thing missing was a decent website and here it is.

As pledged during the #ResetTheNet campaign, I registered the dnscrypt.pl domain, got a TLS certificate and made sure I get A+ on Qualys SSL Labs Test.

There are no changes to IP addresses, so this will not have impact on existing setups. The only thing I have to communicate is that I urge all existing users to follow the official @dnscryptpl account on Twitter for service announcements.