Resolver 1, Poznan

DNSCrypt Poland, Poznan Resolver Statistics
DNSCrypt Poland, Poznan Resolver Statistics
DNSCrypt Poland, Poznan Daily Statistics
DNSCrypt Poland, Poznan Daily Statistics


Stats generated using vnstat software. The images are created with vnstati.

vnstati -i eth0 -o d.png -d
vnstati -i eth0 -o hs.png -vs

23 Responses to “Performance and Statistics”

  1. Down

    Hi, resolver is down! Also, thanks !

  2. Maciej Soltysiak

    Hi, it’s back up now. It’s been out about 4.5hrs:

  3. Gabriel Serlenga

    Hello, just to let you know for some reason, the test at hangs for me on the results page. I’m fairly certain its not an issue on my end.

  4. Maciej Soltysiak

    Thanks for reporting. It used to work, I’ll investigate, fix and let you know.

  5. Maciej Soltysiak

    As we spoke, it’s now worked around by removing the use-caps-for-id setting of unbound but the root cause is in how responds.
    With an upgrade of unbound I might be able to use a whitelist to enable the feature permanently and have just a whitelist of domains for which I need a workaround. In the mean time it would be good to harrass to look into their DNS servers.

  6. Josh

    Great service! I love the transparency page, not something you see a lot these days.

    What software are you using to generate the graphs above?

  7. Maciej Soltysiak

    Great to hear your appreciation Josh.
    The stats are generated using vnstat. I added a line to this page to show the actual commands :-)

  8. Josh

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply! Appreciated!

  9. Rob


    Did something occur on 10/27/16? It appears that ever since that date your BW usage increased x10.

  10. Maciej Soltysiak

    Thanks for pointing to this, I wasn’t aware, I’ll look into it! The average was about 50GB/month.
    Are you being impacted in terms of performance?

  11. Rob

    Nope :), just wanted to make sure you were aware incase additional bandwidth would cost you extra funds.


  12. Maciej Soltysiak

    It does cost more, yes, but not that much.
    The first 50GB in a month is free, then the next 200GB costs about 1 USD more.
    Thanks for caring :)

  13. Filip

    I just noticed that in latest version of dnscrypt proxy win 1.9.4 download your resolver is no longer listed in associated dnscrypt-resolvers.csv file. Do you know why it was removed? Last version I downloaded before was 1.7.0 and there it was. I’ve copied it manually and it works.

    btw there looks to be big traffic increase since 30.1. in graph above

  14. Maciej Soltysiak

    Yeah, Frank took it down 1 or 2 commits before releasing 1.9.4 because of some downtime reports. It’s back in the resolvers list, along with the IPv6 service. 1.9.5 should be OK.

  15. User

    Its dead? Statistisc dont wok. DNS is dead too – sometimes start but it doesnt up too loogn.

  16. Filip

    looks that you were hit by some attack? Sometime after 12:00 resolution stopped to work and looking at traffic graph for 13h hour shows huge jump above 8Mbit/s
    At least I figured out how to set backup resolvers in new dnscrypt 2.0 :) though in this case I don’t know how to check which resolver is used if multiple resolvers are configured…

    And thanks for your effort with this server.

  17. Kleo

    Seems like your service have some difficulties. According to tcpdump, dnscrypt-proxy client (1.9.5) successfully establishes connection, sends encrypted requests, but gets nothing in response. This been going on for the last 2 days with some periods of proper functioning.

  18. Maciej Soltysiak

    Most likely it’s been a bug in dnscrypt-wrapper-0.4.0 to which I upgraded on that particular weekend (see twitter feed from that period: – it caused the resolver not to respond when multiple keys are specified, which happens at a rollover at 12 and midnight.
    Frank suggested to revert a commit and it helped, but it took me 2 days to stabilize the situation.
    That attack might’ve been simply a legitimate user flood during an outage.

    Can you confirm, it’s stable for you now, please? It is for me and I’m using it on 2 win laptops, on netgear router and an iPhone.

  19. Maciej Soltysiak

    Thanks for reporting. That is very likely to have been caused by issues with the upgraded version of dnscrypt-wrapper.
    I had to revert 1 commit to make it work. It was somewhere around that weekend.
    Can you confirm it’s stable now, please?

  20. Kleo

    Hi, Maciej.
    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the service was stabilized. Thank you!
    However, as of ~ 11 a.m. UTC today it went down again :).

  21. Kleo

    … and up again.

  22. Fred


    yesterday there is another big increase in traffic on that graph, also the service doesn’t seem to be reachable for me right now. What gives?

    Thanks and greetings!

  23. Fred

    Hi, it’s me again. The graphs did not show what I claimed they showed, no idea what happened there. Everything is up and running again.

    All the best wishes!

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