Financials in 2016


It’s slowly time to close the year and I thought a few weeks back that it’s only fair with everybody who donated to share the details in the spirit of transparency or maybe rather thanksgiving.

Often I do not have the means to thank (bitcoin) or it’s awkard to thank (does it make sense to send back 0.01 with a thank you note to a wire transfer?), so here it is,

the 2016 Financial Report for DNSCrypt Poland.

Feel free to ask questions or point out anything I might’ve missed.

2 Responses to “Financials in 2016”

  1. Filip

    sent a small donation your way. Thanks for your service, I’m using you as primary dns. Though it is sad you are in a bit of loss with this :(

  2. Maciej Soltysiak

    Thank you. Good news is that some happy people chipped in and funding is secured till April/May 2017! I traditionally not disclose identities or amounts, but no incremental cost in Q1 2017. I’ll be posting a report by end of March.

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